Music Paired with Food (and Terrior)

In 2017, Chef Rebecca Barron and I had a dream of a multi-sensory evening. Our guests would experience tastes and sounds unified by colors at the historic St. John’s Restaurant in Chattanooga, TN. As violinist Holly Mulcahy and I performed musical compositions, paired with Chef Barron’s food and sommelier Michelle Richards’ wine selections, the white interior space of the restaurant was flooded with a specific color of projected light. This is the story of how our collaboration proceeded.

From Zodiac to Prison

The original idea, when my colleague Dr. Nikolasa Tejero approached me for a composition, was a set of short variations for clarinet and piano on the signs of the Zodiac. Over the next several months, just prior to the pandemic, I had the pleasure of composing 12 variations inspired by various musical styles from the past 300 years. These variations were based on an original theme fashioned after a Baroque chorale, and they progressed chronologically through the various historical, musical styles from which I drew inspiration. More importantly, each variation drew inspiration, individually, from one … Read more

INTO MUSIC Podcast Interview with Tim Hinck

Click the photo to read or listen to my interview on Jedd Beaudoin’s wonderful Into Music podcast where we discuss the education, influences, goals, and obstacles of running the business of a composer. The issues raised here range from innovative ways to connect with audience members, ideas for how to collaborate more deeply with musicians, and thoughts on music education for young composers. We also discussed the journey of bringing my first symphony to life, from nature hikes with audience members as I was preparing to write, to working with individual musicians of the Wichita … Read more

Bringing the Audience Along for the Ride

I had the joy of speaking with Jedd Beaudoin at NRP’s KMUW station in Wichita, KS leading up to the premiere of my symphony last month. The conversation was deep, energized, and really touched on a lot of issues that are important to composers working today, issues that we struggle to overcome, and my personal compositional process. You can click the photo to the left to read the entire interview, but here’s a little excerpt of a point that I feel strongly about. Thanks to Jedd for an engaging and stimulating conversation! If I think … Read more

A Composition for the Chattanooga Community

Soundtrack for a Walk Composing the Flora Luna Journey Rock City is a Chattanooga icon, a landmark that is part of our history and identity. It’s also usually considered by locals to be only a tourist destination. However, Rock City is first and foremost one of the most scenic and profoundly beautiful places in the region. Reminding locals of this, and inviting them back to the property was the instigation for creating a unique, nighttime, dining experience called Flora Luna. Essentially it’s an exploratory, evening hike that is enhanced by sculptural installations, artistic lighting and … Read more


I am excited to announce the title selected by the audience for my new symphony: “PRAIRIE NIGHTSCAPE” Audience members at Wichita Symphony Orchestra concert on March 9th were invited to share their impressions and ideas for a title after experiencing the premiere of my new symphony written for their community. Several audience members suggested this title, or something similar, including Kathy Hastings, Kris Hilding, Liz Hicks, Chris Addington, Fred Heismeyer, and Connie Shawver! We announced this exciting project several weeks ago with the idea that I wanted to draw the community into even deeper conversation … Read more

The Wichita Eagle highlights Tim Hinck’s symphony naming campaign

The Wichita Eagle published an interview with composer Tim Hinck in which the story of the composer’s upcoming symphony with the Wichita Symphony Orchestra was discussed. The article, which can be viewed here also highlights the groundbreaking project to find a title for the composition. Written with the orchestra’s specific, individual players in mind, and inspired by visits to natural areas in and around Wichita, composer Tim Hinck now wants to bring the audience into the conversation by soliciting their ideas for a name for his new symphony. After the premiere performance on March 9, … Read more


My first symphony gets its premiere this weekend, but one of the most rewarding parts of this process has already taken place. While writing my instrument parts, I love to work with the musicians who will play the music. When cooking up a new composition, I consider this my secret ingredient because I have quickly learned that if musicians really enjoy playing my music, the better the chance that audiences will love it too. This means that I put all of my focus on writing parts that are not awkward, and that are fun to … Read more

Untitled Symphony for a Kansas Community

Big announcement today: I wrote a symphony for Wichita, and you get to help give it a name! I’ve spending the last two years taking trips to Wichita from my home in Tennessee to get to know the people of Wichita, spending time hiking in the beautiful natural areas around the city, and working with the musicians of the Wichita Symphony who will give my symphony its premiere. As a final act of collaboration with this community, I’m inviting the audience members to react to my new music by giving immediate feedback on what they … Read more

A Preview of Tim Hinck’s SYMPHONY

Here’s a very brief overview of a mock-up of my new symphony which will be premiered on March 9, 2024 by the Wichita Symphony Orchestra under music director Daniel Hege. Here I discuss many of the main musical themes, and give a little insight into the background of the composition. (Intro photo by Mickey Shannon, used with permission).

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