Shaun Townley (film producer)

“WTCI had the opportunity to work with Tim in the scoring of our film, From the Streets to the Stage. The score elevated our film. He’s a talented, efficient, joyful composer and I’m glad we had the opportunity to work together.”

Kayoko Dan (conductor)

“Chattanooga Symphony & Opera commissioned a work by Tim Hinck for its “Chattanooga Fanfare Project,” I had the most delightful experience premiering his work. Tim is creative, inspiring, and fun to work with, and it was truly a collaborative process. The audience really loved and appreciated his work, as their response was nothing short of enthusiasm.”

Holly Mulcahy (violinist)

“Working with Tim Hinck on various projects for my chamber music series at prisons has been wonderful. His ability to listen to ideas and add additional thoughts with passion is exactly the kind of artist I love working with. One can easily hear the positivity and enthusiasm in his compositions!”

Ann Cater (documentary producer)

“Tim’s extraordinary talent for composing an original score for a documentary I was co-producing for national television was immediately evident. He matched perfectly the mood and tone of the film to give it the overall epic feeling we wanted the piece to convey.”

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