But She’s Got Eyes



Lynn Powell is one of my favorite living poets. She happens to have been born in Tennessee, as I was, but currently lives in Ohio where she teaches at Oberlin College. I have set her inimitable, pungent words before, and surely will again. Her texts are infused with Southern soil, insects, lust, and the mystical parts of fundamentalist religion that we both stepped away from, and yet call to the deepest part of every person’s humanity. This piece is picture of the Madonna and Christ child, contrasting the pomp of Renaissance painting with the realism of humanist sensuality, “where every urgent thing there is to say, can be said in milk.” 6 minutes.

The performance above features Elaine Daiber (soprano), Daniel McGrew (tenor), Thomas West (baritone); along with several members of the Chattanooga Symphony along with other local professional players (performed in Chattanooga, TN on December 7, 2019).

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