I am excited to announce the title selected by the audience for my new symphony: “PRAIRIE NIGHTSCAPE”

Audience members at Wichita Symphony Orchestra concert on March 9th were invited to share their impressions and ideas for a title after experiencing the premiere of my new symphony written for their community. Several audience members suggested this title, or something similar, including Kathy Hastings, Kris Hilding, Liz Hicks, Chris Addington, Fred Heismeyer, and Connie Shawver! We announced this exciting project several weeks ago with the idea that I wanted to draw the community into even deeper conversation and collaboration after having already worked closely with members of the orchestra while writing this piece for them and for all Wichita music lovers. The response was enormous, and we received over one hundred suggestions! Among my favorite responses to this project were two young children who shared their excited suggestions for titles, and another brand new audience member who shared that they were completely won over to orchestral music by my composition and are so excited to return again!

I’m happy to report that the performance itself was hugely successful, and I’ll forever be grateful for all the hugs, tears, effusive compliments afterwards. I’m grateful to Daniel Hege, whose sensitive and profound conducting led all of these impeccable musicians in a world-class performance. Additionally, I’d like to thank Holly Mulcahy, WSO concertmaster, WSO the board, and executive director Don Reinhold for making this project come to fruition and championing my new music.

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