Composer’s Club: Small Ensembles

$50.00 / month


This subscription is recommended for small ensembles such as string trios, brass quintets, or chamber choirs; or for those commissioning works to be performed by approximately three to fifteen musicians. This often entails pieces such as a short composition for string quartet.

What you’ll get:

  • We’ll begin by negotiating the terms of the subscription including how many piece you’d like, the durations of the pieces, when you’d like them completed, and any specific requests you might have (style, content, subject matter, or any specific occasions for which they will be performed).
  • A subscription price will be set (starting at $50 per month and increasing for additional compositions and multi-movement pieces). You’ll be able to seamlessly pay and keep up with your subscription on this site, and as soon as your first payment is made, work begins on your composition!
  • During the composition process, you’ll have access to a direct line of communication with the composer to check in, get glimpses of the work in progress, and update the composer of any changes, requests, or concerns that you might have. (Note that any additions or changes that significantly increase the scope of the project may necessitate a renegotiation of the subscription costs.)
  • Before the end of your subscription, Tim Hinck will send a draft of the composition for your perusal. You can give comments and make suggestions or requests. Tim Hinck will make changes, and then present a final score and parts in electronic (.PDF) format. Printed copies can also be requested and either picked up in Chattanooga, or mailed at a $20 shipping cost.
  • As the commissioning entity, you reserve all rights to unlimited performances of your composition(s), however you agree to credit Tim Hinck as the composer on all promotional material, publicity, and printed/electronic programs. If you provide Tim Hinck with video or audio recordings of a performance of the composition(s) you may be credited up to one month of your commission fee! And as always, the composer is grateful for tagging him on social media with any publicity connected to performances of his works (Instagram and Facebook at “timhinck”).
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