The Composer’s Club

A musical organization, ensemble, or even an individual can take advantage of an innovative option to enjoy new works created specifically for them by Tim Hinck.

The Composer’s Club is a year-long subscription that allows an individual or musical organization to work closely with the composer in creating new works that fit the exact parameters of your needs. The fee is broken up into simple, monthly payments, and rates vary from smaller agreements for single compositions to larger agreements for multiple compositions that can span an entire performance season.

The terms of the subscription are set at the beginning of the subscription period and can give subscribers access to early drafts and close communication with the composer all along the composing process. Subscriptions for soloists, chamber, and large ensembles are available.

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“How many pieces will Tim Hinck compose for my subscription?”
After selecting a subscription level, you will begin a conversation with Tim Hinck to help decide exactly how many pieces you need, durations, instrumentation, and many other details. The prices show usually result in a single composition, but almost every aspect of the subscription can be customized to your needs.

“When will my compositions be completed?”
All compositions will be completed and delivered to you, including edits and adjustments, within the year-long subscription timeframe.

“Can I sign up for a subscription time less than one year?”
Absolutely! The year-long subscription is ideal for allowing you time to interact and give feedback on the composition along the way; it also keeps your monthly payments low and manageable. However, if you’d like to condense your payments into a shorter period, or to pay for a greater amount up front, that can be negotiated once you’ve selected your subscription level.

“Can I add an extra piece or change the details of my subscription after it has begun?”
The great thing about subscribing to the Composer’s Club is the flexibility you’ll have to customize your request, and to be in close contact with Tim Hinck all along the composition process. Adjustments and new ideas are encouraged! Just remember that if your request increases the scope of the project significantly, we may need to renegotiate the subscription costs.

“What happens if I need to cancel my subscription before it’s done?”
We certainly understand that life throws curve-balls, and that you may need to cancel your subscription before it is complete. Please note that refunds are not given for any past subscription payments. However, if the composition is partially complete, it may be possible to bring it to an early completion in an abbreviated form that is satisfactory to both you and the composer. In this case, your subscription will be cancelled, and the piece delivered to you in it’s abbreviated form.

“What if I don’t like the composition?”
Tim Hinck feels strongly that a musical composition is not completed by the composer alone, a successful composition needs both the performer and the audience to bring it to fruition. The dialogue between you and the composer starts during the composition process so that you can glimpse the piece as it’s being formed, and give your feedback before it’s complete. This usually eliminates the possibility of dissatisfaction with the final product. Keep in mind that there are no refunds given for paid subscription fees, however, if you ultimately find that the piece does not fulfil your expectations, Tim Hinck will continue to work with you to make adjustments that are agreeable to both you and the composer.


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